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  • Special Bonus: RankTracker (SECockpit Pro and Up)

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Web-Based Keyword Research Tool

SECockpit is an online application, so it is compatible with any operating system! You can use it with Windows, Mac OS, Linux… recommended browsers are
FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Mobile Application Keyword Research Tool

Have a great Keyword Idea while you're on the run? Fire up our awesome SECockpit Mobile App and check out if it's a worthwhile niche!

Everything you do over the mobile application is available immediately in your Desktop account as well!

Faster Keyword Research, Better Competition Analysis, Effective Traffic Strategy, & Sophisticated SEO Management Software...

Keyword Research at Warp Speed

SECockpit will save you hours upon hours of time, because it runs faster than any other keyword research or SEO software.

SECockpit runs in the cloud and can access enormous amounts of processing power. The result is that it will return up to 200 fully processed and analyzed keywords per minute to you.

Comparable keyword tools take 1-2 minutes per keyword (!), depending on the speed of your Internet connection. SECockpit always works at full speed, independently of your Internet connection. It also never “clogs up” your connection or your processor and no matter how many searches you do, your IP will never get blocked or banned.



SEO Campaigns Kept on Track

Search engine optimization and everything that surrounds it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Especially when it comes to off-page optimization and actually getting your sites ranked. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to figure out what to do next.

What if your SEO software simply told you what to do next? Because we know that a successful SEO campaign doesn’t end with having found a keyword, SECockpit lets you easily set up new campaigns, keep track of your activities and even your backlinks (This feature is available in SECockpit Pro & Up).

In addition, SECockpit will actually create a simple list of tasks for you, so all you need to do to successfully get your site ranked is check the tasks, follow the instructions and tick the boxes (This feature is available in SECockpit Pro & Up).



Superior Keyword Analysis Data

With SECockpit, you get access to the best, most comprehensive SEO data available anywhere.

A full competition analysis is done for each and every single keyword pulled in and you never have to rely on inferior “guesstimate” or simply misleading data. There are no “competing pages” numbers, no “intitle” or “inurl” searches and no other “stand-in” type of competition values.

For each keyword, you will see a full analysis of the top ten currently ranking pages for that keyword, including their PageRank, on-page optimization factors, backlink counts and more!

Take the guesswork out of competition analysis and gain unprecedented insight into your competition’s ranking data.

Find the Most Valuable Keywords in Just Seconds

Looking for the perfect AdSense keyword? Out of thousands of variations, the keywords with the highest level of traffic, lowest competition and highest potential earnings are just a few clicks away!

Trying to find the ideal “buying keywords” for your niche? Use AdWords competitor data and apply a simple filter to make your best choices rise to the top!

Looking for some untapped opportunities? Eliminate low-traffic keywords and let SECockpit show you the keywords in your niche that you can most easily dominate and still get a good amount of traffic from your rankings!

Thanks to the huge dataset you can work with and thanks to simple filtering and sorting mechanisms, you can always find the perfect keywords for your business.

Ever feel like truly good keywords are like needles in haystacks? With SECockpit, you’ll find those needles every time, within seconds.



Keyword Opportunities - Find More and Better Ones than Your Competitors

Most keyword research tools have one single source of keywords: the Google AdWords interface. These keywords, coming straight from the horse’s mouth, are valuable without a doubt. However, if you are limiting yourself to just that one source, you are mising out!

With SECockpit, you can also get keyword variations from the Google AdWords tool, but it also offers much more.

Use our Google Suggest scraper to find popular long-tail search terms often missed by the AdWords source. In addition, Suggest keywords are more likely to be “fresh” and on the heel of current trends! Google Suggest is available in SECockpit Pro & Up.

In addition, SECockpit can find an additional, often completely untapped set of keywords through theGoogle “related search terms” scraper. Google Related Searches is available in SECockpit Pro & Up.

Everyone else is fishing in the same pond. With SECockpit, you can tap into a vast ocean of otherwise overlooked keywords.

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Outstanding Training Materials and Support


As an SECockpit customer, you are always in good hands!

You’ll have access to a detailed training manual, videos to help you get started and finding awesome keywords in just minutes, more detailed videos explaining all aspects of the software and much more. Plus, you can contact our helpdesk at any time, for further support.

In addition, you will also get access to an exclusive, ongoing training series, where we cover every aspect of SEO and website monetization and show you live examples and case studies. You get access to this training at no additional cost!


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EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Get RankTracker for Free
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We all know that top search engine rankings don't happen accidentally. If you want to get the right kind of targeted organic traffic to your website, you need an SEO strategy. And any SEO strategy will cost you either time or money or, typically, both. Reliable rank tracking data is a crucial component for your SEO campaign. Without it, you are flying blind and you'll never really know what kind of measurable results your SEO investment is producing. Even worse, if you manually try to check your rankings. Spending hours clicking through Google results pages is not a good use of anyone's time.

  • International: For all countries and languages
  • No domain limit: Different domains? No problem!
  • Exact results: Check up to 500th position in search results
  • Daily and automatically: Whether you log in or not
  • Cloud based: No installation necessary!
  • Rankings by city: Perfect for local businesses! (SECockpit Agency)

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  • Special Bonus: RankTracker (worth $99) (SECockpit Pro & Agency)

Choose the best SECockpit Package for you:

Personal Best Value: Pro Agency
  • Only AdWords
  • 10 Keyword Searches per Day
  • Keyword Ideas via AdWords
  • 50 Keywords Searches per Day
  • Keyword Ideas via AdWords, Suggest and Related Searches
  • 20 Number of Projects
  • Special Bonus: RankTracker
    • 50 Number of Tracked Keywords
    • Ranking for all Countries and Languages
  • Unlimited Keyword Searches per Day
  • Keyword Ideas via Adwords, Suggest and Related Searches
  • Unlimited Number of Projects
  • PDF Reports
  • White Labeling
  • Special Bonus: RankTracker
    • 100 Number of Tracked Keywords
    • Ranking for all Countries and Languages
    • Ranking by City
    • PDF Reports
    • White Labeling

$480 $339 / year

$960 $599 / year

$1440 $899 / year

Want to have a monthly plan?

$40 / month

Want to have a monthly plan?

$80 / month

Want to have a monthly plan?

$120 / month



30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Signing up for SECockpit is absolutely risk-free for you. We know that once you see this in action and have tried it for yourself, you will love it. In fact, you will probably wonder how you ever did without it! If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with SECockpit, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simple as that.

What SECockpit Users Say About This Software...

"As keyword research is such a critical part of internet marketing, I like to use various tools to help me find me great keywords. I’ve been using SECockpit since it was first released and it is by far and away the most comprehensive, accurate, fastest and easy to use keyword research tool I’ve ever used.

I think the one thing that sets SECockpit above other keyword research tools is the way SECockpit calculates the competition. Pretty much every other keyword tool I’ve seen relies on Google for all its information and competition scores. As we well know, some of the metrics gained from Google are either incorrect or incomplete. SECockpit uses a much better and more accurate method of gauging competition."



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SwissMadeMarketing is a joint brand started by Sam Haenni and Shane Melaugh in 2010. Our driving force is the knowledge that this «Internet Thing» is the most powerful platform that has ever existed. Online Marketing has become so important for all businesses nowadays that it can make or break any company.

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