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Higher Speed, More Data

SECockpit offers professional keyword research at unbeaten speed. Within seconds the first search results appear. These contain all the data you need to identify valuable keywords, their potential, and give you a detailed analysis of the competition.

Screen the Top 10 Competition

For each keyword SECockpit automatically determines which websites rank among the top 10 positions on Google. For each of these URLs, SECockpit shows you the PageRank, the Page Authority and Domain Authority, how many ranking relevant backlinks the site has and how many social signals such as Facebook Likes or Tweets.



Comprehensive Training Material

Whether you’re a complete newbie in terms of SEO or whether you offer SEO services as a professional: Anyone can benefit from our continuous webinars. Experts in online marketing share their expertise and demonstrate their strategies and techniques in live webinars. You also have access to numerous tutorial videos and e-books that give you insight into SECockpit and the world of online marketing.

I'm really excited by this tool. I needed about 20 minutes training. We work closely together with many affiliates on a daily basis, all working in a specific niche, and for these Webmasters SECockpit can really be worth gold! Karsten Windfelder, Owner of


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